Arowana fish has been known for many years.
They are the king of tropical fish. All hobbyist like arowana fishes so that the market price is stable and tend to increase over time. Why this could be happen? Because arowanas are difficult to breed and breeder can only produces 30-40 fishes. So there is a tendency that demand is greater than supply. Furthermore, the natural environment that is required for breeding arowanas only exists in few asian countries, mainly in Indonesia.We are one of the arowana breeder, our company called Elkindo and formed in 2004 at Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, with CITES REG. A-ID-532. At this time we only produces red arowana.

Our farm is built beside Landak river for easier access to the water. The farm occupied a land area of 6 hectares and have variouse sizes ponds from 15 x 40 M. And our new farm is beside Kapuas river, we believe water from Kapuas river is very suitable for arowana breeding. Total area of our new farm is 20 hectares, we have to use speed boat, with 45 minutes trip.
Our new farm will be open in 2009.
Our head office is in Jln.Raya Joglo no 27 Srengseng, Jakarta Barat, INDONESIA

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