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3rd Prize Class 1 Aquarama 2009

 This time Elkindo bring 4 pcs of our collection to Aquarama 2009, and got 3rd  prize for Class 1, even we did not got 1st prize at this time, but we still proude of  what we have done, to bad the water condition is not good and 2 fishes almost  dead.






 Baby platinum (10 cm) from Elkindo, we all are know that the  highest grade for platinum is from red arowana, very rare.  Amazing isn't it ?

 $$$$ - interest ? - $$$$





 Super Red baby Arowana with 3 eyes.

  It was born Super Red baby Arowana (Scleropages Formosus) at PD Elkindo   Mitra  Utama's Farm, Pontianak, West Kalimantan.
  This unique baby arowana was cropped at Saturday, April 19, 2008 02.30 PM.   Mamat,  one of Elkindo's staff was found the uniqueness of this arowana.
  This baby arowana has 3 eyes, the third eye located at the center of it's head.
  Edo Kristanto, Elkindo's owner hope that this unique arowana could grow up and   healthy.






  This is a new design of our Elkindo Arowana Certificate since
  2007 until now.


  1st Prize Class 1 Aquarama Singapore 2007

  Elkindo as a No. 1 Super Red Arowana breeder in the world, bring Indonesia to   become a champion in AQUARAMA 2007, Suntec, SINGAPORE. Oscar Dela   Hoya, one of Elkindo's collection got
  First Prize for Big Size Category of Super Red Arowana.
  Oscar Dela Hoya is 4 years old and 55 cm length.




  Swim with the King

  Elkindo's owner made a new world record to be the first in the world
  who is swim with arowana fish.

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